Anthony Coote Discography:


Canterbury Saints:
"Once In Royal Davids City"

Ruby Blue:
"Because" cw "The Ruby Blue"
Red Flame RF1257

" Bloomsbury Blue"
Red Flame RF1259

" Stand Together"
Red Flame RF 1262

" The Quiet Mind"
Fontana RB 112

"Primitive Man"
Fontana RB 212

" Can It Be"
Fontana RBCD3

John Martyn:
"Deny This Love"
Permanent PERM S12

Animals That Swim:
"Madame Yevonde"
Elemental ELM23S

"Pink Carnations"
Elemental ELM 26

"Faded Glamour"
Elemental ELM 360

"The Greenhouse"
Elemental ELM 35

" Kerry Kerry"
Cooking Vinyl FRY CD 072


Sam Stephens and Anne Lennox-Martin:
"Turn The Music On"
Dingle's DIN 328

Ruby Blue:
"Down from above"
Fontana 842 568-1

Virginia Astley:
"All Shall be Well"
Happy Valley COCY-9661

Rebecca Pidgeon:
" The Raven"
Chesky JD115

"The New York Girls Club"
Chesky JD141

"Women Of Song"
Chesky JD 159


Animals That Swim:
Elemental ELM 24

"I Was The King I Really Was The King"
Elemental ELM 37

"Va Va Voom"
Cooking Vinyl CD150

"John Peel Sessions"
BBC/Scopitones TONE CD 006

We'll Always Have Paris:

"We'll Always Have Paris"
Wafer Thin WAFT 012

Rob Peters:
Wafer Thin WAFT 015

" A Silver Disc"
Wafer Thin WAFT 025

"The Wafer Thin Sampler"
Wafer Thin WAFT 032

Richard Wilson:
Planeteer PMCD001





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